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Advent Devotion

Mary’s praise, through eyes of faith, gave her insight into God’s redemptive work .When we trust God, Who holds all futures in His hands, He sometimes gives us a glimpse into His divine purposes on earth—a vision that would otherwise remain hidden from our eyes. Mary’s humble submission to God marks out for us a challenging pattern to follow. She gave up all claims to her own body, her own reputation, and her own future. With such faith, God will do great things, for nothing is impossible with Him. At this Christmas season and throughout our lives, may we, like Mary, say to our Lord, “I am Your servant. May Your will be done in my life.”

What does a Christmas poinsettia represent?

We consider them a Christmas flower, and many people give them around Christmas time to symbolize good will and community spirit. In religious communities, the shape of the poinsettia flower is thought to symbolize the Star of Bethlehem, with the red leaves of the poinsettia symbolizing the blood of Christ.

Christmas Eve
Join us in receiving the new born king of Bethlehem in our hearts
Friday December the 24th at 4 PM.


Arabic Service at St. Paul's

Christmas Celebration

Saturday December the 25th at 11 AM

Online Bulletin 12-19-21
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