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Logos Group Bible Study​

Every Wednesday at 10 AM
Bocher Hall
Resuming January 12th,2022
Join us to study together the

Fruits of the Spirit
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Praying Hands around a Bible
Simple Green St. Patrick's Day Instagram
St. Lydia's   
Daughters of the King Chapter
The  Chapter was instituted at St. Paul's in November 1998.
A Daughter of the King devotes her life to prayer, service, and evangelism.
St. Lydia's Daughters serve the Lord through service to the church, praying daily they are active members in Sunday Services , the Prayer of People is always read by a daughter.
Prayers requests

“Logos of life Ministry”

Daily Text message Bible verse.

Hope Message
Church text messaging is an impactful way to keep in touch with church members.
The ministry aims to deliver encouragement messages to our Church members, friends and families, and
to strengthen them. we believe that the Logos (the word) Jesus is the only way to comfort, heal and
If you want to register  to receive these encouraging  messages register Here.
A Cell Phone with a bible message on the screen

Tuesday Morning Prayer during Lent

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